Early Treatment

Early Treatment for Childhood Dental Care

Lingual arch

Early loss of a deciduous molar in the lower jaw can cause problems later on. Large molars may move forward and fill the space of a yet to erupt tooth. In these instances, a Lingual arch may be placed to prevent this space from closing. The Lingual arch will sit passively in its place until the adult teeth have erupted, avoiding a potential painful and costly dental procedure.

Functional Appliance

A functional appliance is a device used to try to normalize the bite where the top front teeth protrude ahead of the lower front teeth. This “bucky” situation can make the front teeth more susceptible to trauma, and cause speech or eating difficulties. In some instances, where a deep bite exists, the lower front teeth can bite into the palate and make chewing painful. In these circumstances a functional appliance may need to be worn.

Some people wrongly claim that these appliances can make the jaw grow more than it would naturally; there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. In severe situations, surgery may be the best option to correct a top jaw, bottom jaw size discrepancy.


In situations where deciduous molars have fallen out prematurely in the upper jaw, and the permanent molars have come forward into the space, Embrace a Smile Orthodontics can use a headgear to push the molars back to their correct position. This appliance is usually worn 12-14 hours a day, after school and during sleep until the molars have been pushed back sufficiently.

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