Orthodontic Treatments

Come to Embrace a Smile and learn to smile with confidence again. All our treatments are designed to make your smile beam. With Registered Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Joe Papa, ready to help with any of your dental alignment needs, we can have you smiling again in no time.


Braces are designed to gradually return your teeth to their correct position. With constant advances in dental techniques and equipment, our braces are less obvious than ever. So don’t put off getting your teeth corrected because you’re scared of how you’ll look with braces, contact us today to bring back your smile.


Invisalign has been designed to achieve the same results as braces but without a lot of the drawbacks. Invisalign’s patented aligners are what guide the patient’s teeth back into place and they can be removed at any time, allowing for easier meal times and teeth cleaning. They’re also almost completely invisible, so you don’t have to worry about your appearance at all.


To fix bites where the top teeth are protruding over the bottom we make use of forsus springs. It only requires a quick procedure to install these small forsus springs and they begin working straight away. The springs apply a constant pressure; which overtime returns your teeth to the correct position.


Our range of early treatments are designed to deal with the regularly occurring childhood dental issues. When a molar or other baby tooth comes out too early there may be issues as the gap is closed by the existing teeth. Problems are caused when a new adult tooth tries to push through the now to small gap. If these kinds of problems are caught and remedied early, we can save your child a rather difficult tooth impaction.


Complex treatments usually require dental surgery. While many of our procedures are aimed at preventing these types of dental problems Dr Papa and the team at Embrace a Smile are experienced enough to handle these complex surgeries and treatments.


Without a retainer the good work of your braces will quickly disappear. Our modern retainers are practically invisible, and while you’ll usually need to wear them full time for 6 months, almost no one will notice. Retainers are a lifelong investment in maintaining your smile.


We understand that orthodontic care isn’t cheap. We also underst and that it’s a necessity to achieve the smile you deserve. Embrace a Smile goes out of our way to create finance options for our patients, so money isn’t what stops you from having a dazzling smile.

Embrace a Smile Orthodontics is located on Princes Highway, Narre Warren, opposite Westfield Fountain Gate and we can take care of all your Orthodontic needs. Whether you’re local or based anywhere in Melbourne, contact us today to book in your consultation.


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